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4th Trimester - The Most Underprepared and Poorly Supported Time In A New Mom’s Life

Updated: Jan 19

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Maybe you were like read all the birthing books, took the birth classes, maybe had a doula (shout out to Nurture Birth for their amazing support), and felt like you were ready for labor. 

What I was deeply unprepared for was what happened AFTER I had my daughter. 

The 4th Trimester. The US is rated the highest amongst western nations in maternal mortality rate. 

In an article published by Yale Medicine, it was stated that 84% of pregnancy-related deaths are thought to be preventable….then why aren’t we doing everything possible to support moms, the givers of life in our world, to have better and safer outcomes?! It truly blows my mind. 

This is why I have shifted my doula business to focus on Postpartum support beyond what most doulas traditionally give. I believe that mom’s don’t just need warm meals, a shower, someone to hold the baby, clean and a break. (Yes we do need those things, I still do an I am almost 3 years pp ahha) 

But what I TRULY needed most was someone who was thinking about the current stage I was in, asking me questions I didn’t have the clarity to think about, providing guidance for the questions I had, and helping me piece myself together during a really difficult time for me. 

I needed help navigating the hormonal changes. To advocate for me to do the things what would help me heal and not be trapped by guilt. To help me with breastfeeding issues that came up. Relationship struggles. A transition back to work plan. I really needed someone who was truly in my corner. Someone who was there for me. Someone who I could safely talk to, confide in, and receive advice/support/and truth from that wasn’t going to sugar coat it. 

“Postpartum care is another crucial component that is often downplayed or overlooked. More than half of deaths from pregnancy complications occurred during the postpartum period, with the majority happening in the first 12 weeks.”-

I believe how we look at postpartum support needs to change. If it can save lives, improve the health and well-being of mom and baby, what aren’t we pouring more resources into it. Don’t just take it from me. A quick google search will get you countless articles talking about this very issue. 

Let’s do better. Let’s give moms a better transition into their next chapter. Give the gift of support and coaching to yourself or a mom you know who would benefit from it. Even if you are years past the postpartum stage, consider coaching with me as let us heal wounds and unlock a better future for you!

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