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The Resource Every Mom Needs Prior to a Divorce

Divorce is not an easy or simple process.


Even if you have an ‘easy separation and agree on everything’, you are still ripping something apart that was once together.


If you have children in the mix, that complicates things even further.


My biggest piece of advice when you are heading into a divorce is to not avoid the hard stuff, have someone you can talk to who just went through it, and get your emotions out so you can make decisions from a place of clarity. Also, find a good resource to help you piece everything together prior to divorce.


I wish I had a resource to reference or someone telling me where to find one as a mom with a small baby. I just was in such a fog.


I contacted a few law offices, but I didn’t find too many detailed resources on preparing for divorce as a new mom with little income and resources. I could not afford a lawyer. I was not the breadwinner. But, I found an amazing resource from a law office in Florida, O’Mara Law Group. While I do not live in Florida, I think this is one of the more comprehensive break downs I have found. This is a great resource every mom needs when heading into a divorce. You can check it out here! This is a resource I wish I had before my ex filed for divorce.


I won’t restate everything they talk about, but it is a great resource that will get the ball rolling on the financial aspects, emotional, legal, and steps ahead. Please, go check it out. Especially if you were like me, not the breadwinner and had a young child to care for with very limited resources.


Divorce can be isolating, traumatizing, freeing, and confusing, it can be a wide mix of emotions.


The best thing I did was take ownership of myself, my responsibility for whatever part I played, and took great effort to heal my childhood traumas and scars.


This resource is a very easy and straightforward outline of what to expect, what information you need to pull together, how to avoid creating more difficulty for the children stuck in the middle, and a few pieces of advice on rebuilding your life after.


There is a life after divorce. You will adjust. You will make it through. It will take time, it won’t be without pain or consequence, but, I promise you that you will get through it.


I am here for you!

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