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Take the Next Step In Healing Your Journey

Remove the roadblocks and take the first step forward with me: a coach and doula who understands your current frustrations, past traumas, and fears because I have personally been there. 

6 Steps to Peace  Coaching Program

Coaching is focused on current and future state. I am not a therapist, so our focus is on moving forward, not dissecting the past. I will hold you accountable to actionable change, but it is up to you to make it happen!

Program includes:

  • A clear 12 week roadmap to achieve success

  • 1-hr coaching calls 2x a month

  • Accountability and goal setting tips & execution

  • Worksheets, journal prompts, & action steps between each session 

  • Access to me via text for questions or encouragement between sessions

  • Tools to shift old patterns into new habits for success

  • Safe place for you to talk, process, and plan 

After baby is born, mom's have ONE postpartum visit with their doctor. I find our failure to support mom's in the 4th trimester and beyond truly frustrating. Mom's deserve better. Let's prepare BEFORE baby comes for what will come after.

Group Course Includes:

  • 3 one-hour sessions via Zoom 

  • Access to me via text inbetween sessions

Topics Covered:

  • Breastfeeding tips and tricks (and resources)

  • Navigating hormones and relationship changes

  • Transition back to work plan

  • Schedules, sleep tips, and navigating visitors 

  • Dividing roles and responsibilities

Book a consult for more course details and start times. 

Preparing for Postpartum Course

Gain Confidence & Peace of Mind

Remove Mental Roadblocks

Identify Goals and Build An Action Plan

Learn to Love the Chapter You Are In

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