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Brittany, owner and mom, of Own Your Chapter


My name is Brittany Dunlevie and my passion in life is supporting, educating, and empowering women through whatever journey they find themselves in. Think of me as your cheerleader, hard-truth teller, and your coach. No matter how difficult life can be (and I know it can be really hard), you have the ability to rise above and out.​


I have been shaped by my own backstory and family history. My parents had me as teenagers, my father struggled with addiction and has been in prison since I was 10. My grandparents helped raise me and my mom went on to achieve lots of professional success and remarried. Some of my story is a mixture of things happening to me/outside my control and other parts are a result of my lack of understanding my trauma and healing those wounds. ​I went through an unexpected divorce after the birth of my daughter, but I have seen God use every piece of my life for good. ​Out of the pain and healing, Own Your Chapter was born.


The point is, I understand and can empathize greatly with the women I work with, because I have either been there or I understand the pain, frustration, and confusion. What got me through was finding the right help and support, which is what I offer to you.


I was made to walk along side others, help them feel less alone, but find the power within themselves to rise above and soar. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, hesitant, or in need of guidance, reach out. Let's chat and see what a partnership would look like in your journey to owning you chapter. 

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