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Why is Motherhood so Hard?

Updated: Feb 21

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I didn't get to posting and staying on top of work like I wanted to this past week. I got carried away by the demands of motherhood, which it was truly so nice to just be present, but also left me frustrated haha.

Sometimes I feel I am the only one who ping pongs back and forth from loving being a mom to wanting to run away and disappear for a few days.

I know that I am not. So many moms struggle and wonder: why is motherhood so hard?

Motherhood is hard because we have SO much coming at us all the time.

I have been more aware of 'why it feels so hard' lately. Constant stimulation.

The constant noises (from kids and their toys), the messes, the demands, the questions, the needs, the correcting, the encouraging, the household chores, the errands, the socializing, our own phones and addictions, all of it adds up and creates a lot of friction in our brains. Throw in work, a spouse, and anything else and it is just a lot.

We are living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with things grabbing for our attention.

From social media, kids, partners, work, TV, audiobooks, podcasts, music, toys... I realize how little silence there is anymore.

Our brains are addicted to the instant gratification, but our bodies are overloaded and the circuits are fried.

We need to recognize that the 'modern conveniences' do not always support how our brains in the most positive way.

Everyone is burnt out because everyone has TOO much sensory input coming at them all day long, throw kids into the mix, and it can be really hard to cope.

Motherhood is hard because it also demands so much of us, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

So, our brains are overloaded, and yet we are still having to push through and provide loving, safe, and nurturing environments for our children to thrive, while many of us moms work as well (some don't, definitely know that SAHM life is noooot easy by any means), and it just creates a hard environment to cope in at times. Plus we compare ourselves to either versions of us we have not become or we look at other moms and think they are just better than we are.

The world we live in is not one we were biologically primed for. The overstimulation has us probably in a state of fight-or-flight more so than we should be. We are more isolated than ever even though we 'feel' connected because we see pictures and videos on instagram.

The world we are raising our children in does not support the slow and curious space we want them to be in.

Okay, I know I just threw so much negativity out there, BUT I think it was helpful for me to breakdown the 'why I feel so overwhelmed' in this context.

I am not necessarily running on empty, I am running from a place of overstimulation and it is difficult to reconnect and slow down.

Thats why I challenge you to do the following to help overcome the difficulties of motherhood by SLOW ing down:

Shut off the phone (put away your device and be present)

Look outside (spend more time in nature, even just a 10 min walk outside, no airpods, just listen to the world)

Open a book (challenge yourself to read a book and let your imagination reignite)

Write in a journal (a great coping strategy with overwhelm and stress can be through journaling and bringing awareness to what is triggering you so you can address it)

Motherhood is hard, slowing down is important, no matter if you are a SAHM or work, you are dealing with SO much sensory input, it is vital for you to slow yourself down and feel more rooted in yourself.

I work 1:1 with a lot of moms who are in this headspace and want to get out. It requires recognizing our patterns, reframing and reprogramming ourselves differently. Reach out and book a free consult!

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